About us

Optics Provider LLC - a new organization in Saint-Petersburg. We export finished polarization optics articles.

While working with us, you obtain incontestable advantages of dealing with company, which differs from others by:

1. High quality

The products of Optics Provider Company were developed in Saint-Petersburg by the key specialists of their field who used the best traditions of Leningrad optics.
You will never come across with any problems of optical devices you’ll have bought: their high quality is just unbeaten.

2. Economy

The versatility of employees and narrow specialization of the Company in the field of crystalline optics minimizes our expenses that allow us to keep up the prices on the lowest level in our branch. If you find something cheaper, be sure that the quality of these goods will be much lower than that of ours.

3. Speed

When you order in-stock optical devices, our response will be immediate: it will take less than two days for us to send your order. Production of optical devices, which are made to order, takes up to 4 weeks.

4. Flexibility

Choose the method of delivery and time, which is the most convenient for you. Make any provisions and ask any added services. Rule the situation.

5. Confidence

Any sale is accompanied with necessary documentation to insure your confidence.