Wollaston Polarizing Prism

Wollaston Polarizing Prism
A Wollaston Polarizing Prism consists of two wedges (crystalline quartz or Iceland spar) joined together with optical contact or glue and having the optical axes directed perpendicular to each other. Two emergent rays have orthogonal polarization and disperse almost symmetrically to the ray falling on the angle, which depends on wavelength and the length-to-aperture ratio. When the length-to-aperture ratio is 1, the angular separation will be about 1 degree for Wollaston prisms made of crystalline quartz, and it will be 4 degrees when the length-to-aperture ratio is 4. For the prisms made of Iceland spar the angular separation will be about 20 degrees when the length to aperture ratio is 1. Due to such a big angular separation there will be strong distortion of an image and transverse chromatic aberration. If it is necessary to have the angular separation more than 20 degrees, it is recommended to use Wollaston prisms with three wedges.
Material: Natural Calcite “Extra” or Crystal Quartz
Wavelength range: 300 – 2200 nm
Size: 10x10 – 25x25 mm
Deviation: 5-6 ang.minutes - 20 degrees (depends on material)
Extinction ratio: 1x10-5
Surface quality: S/D 40/20
Surface flatness: λ/4 @ 633 nm
Max. power handling: 1W/cm², CW
Housing: Available on request
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Art. Material Size, mm Wavelength range, nm Price per piece
G1 Natural Calcite 12х12 350-2300 30 USD
G2 Crystal Quartz 10х10 180-3500 30 USD
G3 Crystal Quartz 15х15 180-3500 30 USD