Laser Glan-Taylor Prism

Laser Glan Taylor Prism
A Laser Glan-Taylor Prism with two exits of ordinary ray is used in laser resonator where a laser beam propagates to both directions. Absorbing glass plates are attached only to two lateral faces. Two other lateral faces are polished in order to let the reflected ordinary ray out.
A Glan prism of high power is made of higher quality calcite than standard prisms are made of. Both an entrance face and the exit face of the Glan prism are processed using profound grinding and polishing method in order to minimize dispersion from the surfaces.
Material: Calcite “Extra” or “Unique”
Wavelength range: UV quality: 220-2300 nm
VIS quality: 350-2300 nm
IR quality: 600-2300 nm
Size: 10x10 – 25x25 cm
Beam deviation: 1-2 arcmin
Length to aperture ratio: 1-1,5
Full angle field:
Extinction ratio: 0,5x10-5 – 1x10-6
Surface quality: S/D 40/20
Surface flatness: λ/4 @ 633 nm
Max. power handling: 50-200 MW/cm², imp
2W/cm², CW
Housing: Available on request
Currently in stock
Art. Size, mm Wavelength range, nm Price per piece
F1 10x10 350 – 2300 612 USD
F2 10x10 220 – 2300 695 USD
F3 12x12 220 – 2300 791 USD
F4 20x20 220 – 2300 1553 USD