Glan-Taylor Prism

Glan-Taylor Prism
Glan-Taylor Prism is used for transformation of radiation with random polarization into linear-polarised radiation. The prism consists of two wedges of Iceland spar divided with a layer of air that allows using the prism in all transparent region of Iceland spar 200-2300 nm. An extraordinary ray is a working ray here. An ordinary ray after complete internal reflection is absorbed by side surfaces. High light transmittance of Glan-Taylor prism is related not only to low reflection coefficient but also to a considerably lesser magnitude of multiple reflections out of the air gap. Only about 0,1% of light transmittance in the nearest infrared spectral region and 3% of it in the ultraviolet region is lost because of multiple reflection.
Material: Calcite “Extra” or “Unique”
Wavelength range: UV quality: 220-2300 nm
VIS quality: 350-2300 nm
IR quality: 600-2300 nm
Size: 10x10 – 25x25 cm
Beam deviation: 1-5 arcmin
Length to aperture ratio: 0,85-1
Full angle field:
Extinction ratio: 1 x 10-5
Surface quality: S/D 40/20
Surface flatness: λ/4 @ 633 nm
Max. power handling: 50-200 MW/cm², imp
2W/cm², CW
Housing: Available on request
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Art. Size, mm Wavelength range, nm Price per piece
E1 10x10 350-2300 478 USD
E2 12x12 350-2300 603 USD
E3 12x12 220-2300 695 USD
E4 14x14 220-2300 816 USD
E5 25x25 220-2300 1790 USD